Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 5 Games That Flopped

Remember back when Killzone first launched on the Playstation 2? It was supposed to be the 'Halo Killer'; the title to challenge the King of First Person Shooters. While the game wasn't terrible, it fell way short of expectations. Guerrilla Games has redeemed themselves with Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 will probably be the closest thing to a Halo Killer they have made. There have been numerous other games that claim they will be the next best thing, but in reality they don't deliver at all. Let's take a look at the top 5 anticipated titles that flopped:

  1. Killzone: While it was still a great game, it was hyped to a level beyond belief. Claiming to dethrone Halo is one thing, but actually doing it is another. No game was able to dominate multiplayer like Halo until the release of Modern Warfare.

  1. Advent Rising: A sci fi game that was planned as a trilogy, Majesco dropped the idea of a sequel after the first game hit with mixed reviews. The use of a new aiming device, flick targeting, proved to be a problem for many gamers. Bugs were a problem too, although not as bad as in Fallout: New Vegas. While it did bring some new ideas to the table, its overall execution didn't bring these elements together in a cohesive fashion, making the game a mixed bag of interesting gameplay and poor presentation.

  1. Alpha Protocol: There was no reason for this game to be bad. Espionage, explosions, dynamic dialogue, RPG elements, various gameplay styles... The list goes go. Somehow, it managed to do all of these things totally wrong. It's an strange game to play, because you can tell that there is a gem hidden through all of the mediocrity and its just waiting to come out. Sadly, it never does
  1. Too Human: So much was said about this game. Like Advent Rising, it was planned as a trilogy but its sequel never saw the light of day. Poor camera angles, awkward controls, and bad voice acting helped this game disappoint players across the world.

  1. APB (All Points Bulletin): It shut down it's developer, Realtime Worlds, what else is there to say? The gameplay was extremely repetitive, environments were empty, and it seemed unpolished. The game did allow for tons of customization, but it wasn't enough to save the company from going under.


  1. Ahaha APB was such a bust, everyone I knew that bought it regretted it before they even went under.

  2. APB i knew was gonna suck reading about it way before it ever came out

  3. I like this blog but i just got finished watching titanic and i just cant get something out my my head. How did they make a titanic 2 without me knowing?

  4. I don't know about Killzone, but APB was pretty disappointing.

  5. i bought Too Human... what a waste

  6. killzone wasnt even that bad but more realistic games appeal to the public just saying

  7. I actually LOVED APB.
    I had atleast 200 hours of pure fun with IRL friends combined with skype.
    The thing is though, it got quite repetetive.
    Maybe they should've added something new, and more zones.